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Marc Chretien

Strategic Advisor


As an Advisor to SIG, Marc Chretien brings his years of consulting and advisory experience to the company’s long- and short-range planning. During 2004 to 2013, Marc served in various senior capacities, starting as the senior American consultant to a 250,000 employee ministry in Iraq, where he oversaw the Fallujah reconstruction program involving several hundred million dollars to rebuild the infrastructure and residences damaged in fighting. He then became Deputy Director of the Iraqi Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Office, which trained senior elected officials in rule of law issues, including legislative drafting and forming of blocs to pass legislation.

Prior to his overseas service, Marc was a State Representative in New Hampshire, and then served as Senior Counsel to the House of Representatives Government Reform Committee for five years. Marc served in senior State Department positions in Iraq and Afghanistan for seven years. Following his wartime service, Marc opened several businesses (distilling and cider making) in both Vermont and Virginia, and served as a consultant and senior subject matter expert to US Marine leadership over the past seven years.

Marc received his BA from Georgetown University and his JD from the University of New Hampshire.