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Data Integration, Validation and Dashboards

Data Integration, Validation and Dashboard Financial data integration is the process of combining financial information from various sources and systems into a single, unified view. This process is becoming increasingly important for businesses, as it allows for better decision-making, increased efficiency, and improved accuracy in financial reporting. Consolidating financial data and creating reports is hard…

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Alteryx integration with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law – Airport Infrastructure

Alteryx integration with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law – Airport Infrastructure The federal government passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to invest in and modernize various aspects of the country’s infrastructure, most importantly, airport infrastructure. The goal is to enhance the safety, efficiency, and capacity of airports to meet the growing demands of air travel. Key Provisions…

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Denodo with Alteryx: Leverage the Power of Data Virtualization & Advanced Analytics

Denodo with Alteryx Integration Denodo with Alteryx Integration Denodo’s data virtualization platform allows the Federal Government to integrate, manage, and deliver data from various sources in real-time. Its virtual layer provides abstracts the underlying data sources, making it easier to access and work with data from different systems without the need for physical data movement…

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The FAA Automates Analytics

The FAA Automates Analytics December 5, 2022 Accelerating Fleet Management and Addressing the Zero Emission Vehicle Executive Order Editor’s Note: This blog is co-authored by Sherif Said and Mark Trosper of Strategic Innovation Group. SIG, an Alteryx partner, is a collaboration of functional and technical subject matter experts supporting the mission of federal agencies for…

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