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Since 2014, SIG has architected, provided governance management, and helped to implement the agency’s big data vision – migrating siloed data feeds and/or sources accurately and securely to a centralized, big data platform, the FAA Enterprise Data Management (EIM) Data Platform. Using AWS Cloud, the SIG effort led to the creation of Catalog.Data.FAA.gov, launched in 2020.  This robust repository of comprehensive data sets is managed and hosted by the FAA IT Shared Services organization, Chief Data Office. The output of our work formed the foundation for data driven, decision-making using advanced data visualization techniques, including dashboards, and statistical visualization.

FEDERAL AVIATION AGENCY: Dashboard & Data Project Support

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SIG supports the FAA Director of Acquisition and Business Services (ACQ), Dashboard and  Data Projects Team. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and tools SIG has stood up a robust environment, successfully designing, building, automating and utilizing multiple data sources to proliferate the required artifacts critical to success. SIG also supports FAA in centralizing data inside of the Enterprise Information Management System (EIM) to support the data and transparency act. SIG is supporting the continued deployment of FAA information assets and capabilities on the EIM platform. 

FEDERAL AVIATION AGENCY: Configuration Logistics & Maintenance

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SIG provides logistics and program management support to FAA’s Configuration Logistics and Maintenance Resource System (CLMRS). Our business intelligence subject matter experts (SMEs) assist with data mining, analysis, and reporting in response to inquiries from various government agencies, Congress, and other stakeholders. SIG assists in identifying, training, and providing tools to the workforce to successfully execute systems operations. Successes include going live with a robust logistics/ inventory reporting system and automated financial reporting capability.


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SIG is supporting the Enterprise Programs, Infrastructure, and Communications Services (EPICS) programs at the FAA in the functional area of Business and Financial-Management Support, where we are assisting with ensuring that programs are fully funded and that budgets are properly executed and tracked. SIG has supported multiple technology and infrastructure purchases, and the design, implementation, operation, and upgrade of various FAA financial systems, including the migration of these systems to FAA’s PMO organization, the Office of Resource Planning and Support, overseeing Systems Operations (AJW).